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Artificial Living Intelligence Xperience

Your everyday life virtual carer to reconnect your body and your health by Beo Healthcare

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Alix by Beo Healthcare illustration
Alix by BeoHealthcare illustration
Alix by Beo Healthcare illustration
Alix by Beo Healthcare illustration
Alix by Beohealthcare illustration
Alix by beoHealthcare illustration
Alix by beohealthcare illustration
Alix by Beo Healthcare illustration
Alix by Beo Healthcare illustration

Sleep disorders, breathing problems, overweight, physical activity needs, Alix is the perfect companion to tackle chronic pain and diseases
Alix adapts to your cardiac and respiratory biometric data to train at your own pace in your daily life

Sleep disorder Alix by Beo Healthcare sleep disorder
Chronic pain Alix by Beo Healthcare chronic pain
Weight loss Alix by Beo Healthcare weight loss
Physical activity Alix by Beo Healthcare physical activity

Alix connects to a wide range of sensors

Sensors adapted to your needs

Our teams of engineers have carefully tested a wide range of sensors and have selected the most suitable for Alix's personalized physical activity programs
Our main goal is to best respond to chronic pain and illnesses

Alix by BeoHealthcare Withings sensor


Alix by BeoHealthcare Viatom sensor


Alix by BeoHealthcare Garmin sensor


Alix by Beo Healthcare Apple sensor


Alix by Beo Healthcare Nonin Medical sensor

Nonin Medical

Alix adapts to your physical status

Alix by Beo Healthcare on iOS

Move. Train. Stand up. Monitor your health on a regular basis

Graphs of your health record in the Alix application display your daily activity
You select Alix for a health goal, you follow your progress, you note your impressions and the ease or difficulty level of an exercise
Alix adapts along the way and you reach your best shape in the long run

Alix by Beo Healthcare on Android

With healthcare and wellness professionals


Overchecked programs

Alix programs are designed by healthcare professionals and sports coaches
They are perfectly suited to respond to chronic pain and illnesses on a daily basis: sleep, musculoskeletal, respiratory disorders, etc


Alix by Beo Healthcare healthcare professionals

Market release on Decathlon marketplace

Alix is the first virtual coach available on the Decathlon marketplace!
Are you an athlete? Do you want to get back into physical activity? Keep yourself in shape? Or deal with a health problem?
Alix is made for you, it guides you, motivates you without judging you!

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